Meet Max

It’s been said that dogs have owners, while cats have staff. It’s absolutely true, especially here at Goodson Bros. Coffee.

I am Max, head cat in charge at Goodson Bros. I run things at Goodson while my human staff is in the back doing all that roasting, tasting and testing they do to make Goodson Bros. coffee taste so great. I don’t drink coffee myself, but the stuff is like catnip for humans. 

While the people are away roasting, the cat (that’s me) will play--I’ve taken over the Twitter account. I thought it could benefit from a little “cattitude.“ Sometimes, however, that stinkin’ bulldog, Buster, tries to put in his two cents. I advise you to ignore him, and he will go away. If that doesn’t work, just smack him on the nose. In fact, sometimes I do the nose-smack first and ask questions later.

But enough about him; let's talk about me. You are probably wondering why I look so fluffy and fabulous. I am a Maine coon cat. We are known for our intelligence, mellow nature, and incomparable good looks. 

Be sure to follow me on Twitter. I’ll be telling you about great-tasting Goodson Bros. coffee and other important things I think you need to know.

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