All About the Beans

Great coffee starts with great beans. And Goodson Bros. knows how to find and roast the right beans to make a great cup of coffee, time after time.

It takes a lot of beans, about 4,000 of them, to make one pound of roasted coffee. That’s approximately the entire annual harvest of a single tree! Coffee is one of the most labor-intensive agricultural products in the world.

Coffee is grown in warm climates in more than 45 countries throughout the world: Central and South America, Africa, India and Indonesia, even Hawaii. It’s a seasonal agricultural product, harvested at different times. For example, late spring and summer are the best times to harvest coffee beans in Central America and Africa, while winter is best for Indonesian coffees.

While there are many types of coffee beans throughout the world, the two most popular are Arabica and Robusta.


  • Is the oldest known type, dating back to 800 A.D.
  • Has less caffeine than Robusta.
  • Canhave unique descriptors such as chocolaty, floral, winelike and mellow in flavor, depending on the area where it was grown.
  • Is made milder by higher altitudes and longer growing seasons. Some of the best Arabica beans come from  well-watered mountains and high volcanic regions.


  • Is a newer bean type, not discovered until the early 1800s in Central Africa.
  • Is grown in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, India and South America.
  • Is more robust and hardy, as the name implies, growing where Arabica can not.
  • Is customarily used in less expensive coffees.
  • Has 30-40 percent more caffeine than Arabica.

Types by Region

There are four primary coffee-growing regions in the world; each produces different flavors.

The Americas: Most coffee crops in Central and South America are grown high in the mountains in lush, tropical rainforest conditions. The beans are well-balanced and rich in flavor.

Exotics: Two of the richest tasting and most expensive coffees are Certified Hawaiian Kona, grown in the unique volcanic soil on the Big Island, and Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain, grown in high altitudes in the Blue Mountains.

The Pacific: This region is famous for its tropically grown coffees. Goodson Bros. brings all of the memorable coffees of the Pacific to our customers, including those from Java, New Guinea and Sumatra.

The Arabian Peninsula and Africa: This region is not only the "Cradle of Civilization," it's also the Cradle of Coffee Growing. Rich black soil, high altitudes, hot days and damp nights all combine to produce distinct coffee flavors.



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